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Personal Injury

The Jones Act -- Maintenance and Cure
Under the Jones Act and general maritime law, a seaman who is injured in the course and scope of his employment may recover "maintenance" and "cure" benefits from his employer, even if the employer was not negligent and the vessel was not unseaworthy. Maintenance and cure benefits are similar to workmen's compensation benefits; however, no government agency is involved in the administration of maintenance and cure benefits. More...
Pain and Suffering Damages
An injured plaintiff has the right to recover damages for pain and suffering that he might suffer as a result of a defendant's tortious act against the plaintiff. Pain and suffering damages frequently constitute the largest portion of personal injury awards. More...
Whom to Sue in Automobile Cases
A person who is injured in an automobile accident may seek to recover for his injuries against one or more parties, including the driver or the owner of the automobile that caused the accident. This article addresses the parties who are potentially liable for an injured party's injuries arising from an automobile accident. More...
Invasion of Privacy--Disclosure
The law provides everyone with some basic rights to privacy. Privacy is the general right to be left alone and free from unwanted publicity. Unreasonable invasion of one's privacy causes harm. More...
Federal Volunteer Protection Act -- Additional Liability Issues
The federal Volunteer Protection Act (VPA) grants civil immunity to a volunteer who harms a person while performing services for a nonprofit organization or governmental entity. However, the VPA does not grant immunity to the nonprofit organization or governmental entity. Therefore, the VPA does not prohibit the person who has been harmed by the volunteer from filing a lawsuit against the organization or entity. More...

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